Biography –

Gary Belskyj, born Ballarat Victoria, now living in Nicholson with his two sons, wife, and furry companions, Jet the dog and Meowky the cat, in East Gippsland.

Currently artist/sculptor and principal for Tekno Art Consulting, specializing in kinetic metal/mechanical sculptural artworks for public, or private installations.

Media of choice – Brass, Copper, Bronze and other non ferrous metals in sculpture and other functional kinetic pieces.

Influences – 60’s Sci Fi, Other-world, Arcane techno / Steampunk styles.

Upon chancing onto the PC game series Myst/Riven in the late 90‘s and the book series “His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman, I was enthralled by the possibilities of alternate universe and “non standard” forms of energies and ever since have striven to incorporate some of those characteristics into my works. This is not to say that other key influences such as Jules Verne’s works and H.G. Wells are not to “blame” as well, but I guess the above are my favorites.

I have been actively involved in artistic metalwork for the last 15 years and have installations ranging from medium scale public sector works to specific private commissions for interior design and exterior landscape purposes.

Contact – teknoart.gb@gmail.com